Education is the gate to the tomorrow, for the future those who invest in it will dominate the world. Curriculum teaching and learning already extends well beyond the classroom and will continue to do so, and as education changes to suit the future’s needs, the role of a teacher must also adapt and grow. It is each teacher’s responsibility to empower students to take risks, be innovative and seize any opportunity thrown their way.

I view education as the most significant process which people may be engaged in. My great passion is bringing healing to the faculty, and students who have been through a learning experience. I help my beloved students and diligent colleagues to increase their engagement and interest, strengthen their interaction and collaboration so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole and safe.

When used appropriately, technology has the power to support teachers and engage students, providing tools to create and evaluate activities previously considered out of reach. It can provide individualized learning by tracking progress and personalizing activities to serve heterogeneous classrooms. It can support playful learning through approaches such as games. Importantly, many ed-tech innovations contribute to playful learning, community engagement, and the unburdening of teachers, and when used in the form of modification or redefinition, can help leapfrog learning.

My educational background and work experience involves leading a transformative and fundamental change in instruction, communication and organization in education. I hold certificates and degrees to support my vision. My practices come from strong theoretical background. I do research and publish papers in different subjects pertaining to educational technology such as instructional design, instructional technology, open and online education, and game-based learning.


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